Do you feel your house is too small and you need more space but don’t know where to begin?

Domestic extensions of any size

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We will investigate the potential of your original house and the options for extending to maximise the use of space and work within your budget. We will advise on planning requirements and prepare the planning application for you if needed. After preparing the tender documentation we will guide you through the process of finding a suitable builder and assist you during construction designing interior spaces in detail.

Suitable consultations:

During the consultation we can advise on any further services you may need and will follow up with a detailed fee proposal.

I first met Olga at a Simon open door event nine years ago. From our first consultation l could tell that she was the right person to design a wheelchair accessible extension to our house. I remember telling her that I wanted our new bedroom and bathroom to be more like a hotel than a hospital and that’s exactly what she delivered. 

From the design stage, to the planning application, tendering stage and working with the builder through to the completion of the project Olga made the whole process as stress free as possible for us. 

Showing a personal and professional interest, Olga researched all aspects of ‘design for all’ and included many features that could be automated. She took our current and future needs into consideration when drawing up the plans and nine years further on, our needs continue to be met. We are still getting compliments about the new addition to our home!’

Anne O’R., client

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