House Consultations

Are you not entirely happy with your home and know that you want to do something about it?

Does the layout not work for you or are some areas too dark?

Is your home difficult to heat or do you have issues with condensation or mould?

Do you plan technical or energy efficiency improvements and want to make sure you are spending your money on the right measures?

Are you planning a new kitchen or redecoration and want to ensure you are making the right choices?

Consultations available in English / German / Polish

During a consultation you can ask us anything you want to know regarding your home. We will outline the different measures to make improvements in a cost efficient manner. We will look into different ways to improve the layout and the feasibility of extending your home.

We can guide you through the planning process and advise on available grants. You will receive information about the cost of the different measures and the assurance that you will be spending your money on the right items.

We can also offer consultations online.

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