House Extensions

Extension in Salthill

This detached dwelling in Salthill, albeit not small in other areas, simply lacked a decent sized kitchen. A 40sqm ground floor extension was added and made all the difference. The new kitchen/dining room with tall sloping ceilings features two long high level windows which add great light and a view of the sky at all times. The garden was reduced in size but the paved patio and integrated seating and planting are more functional than ever before. This is also due to the fact that a new shed was incorporated into the extension keeping the garden free from additional structures.

Builder: Coolough Construction
Engineer: Charlotte Murphy Engineers
Windows: Solid Insulation
Cherrymore kitchens Galway

City Centre Extension

This semi-detached Victorian dwelling stood empty for a number of years before being purchased by the current owners. A radical refurbishment and addition of a two-storey extension to the rear created a stunning, contemporary home. The stepped roofs of the extension with high level windows and an internal light shaft add light in unexpected areas. Stained glass as well as custom built furniture and features add original and organic elements to the interior.

Builder: Duane Construction
Engineer: Gabor Molnar Engineering
Windows: PJ Murphy Woodworking
Glass: Aria Stained Glass
Railings: Bulfin Stairs
Kitchen: Handbuilt Designs

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