New Houses

House among the trees

The design of this house was inspired by the tall trees that characterise the site. The volumes of the building rise into the sky and, on the inside, create spaces that vary in height and proportion. A central staircase acts as the spine of the house and connects the rooms. Light floods the interior from different angles similar to sunlight shining through the canopy of a tree. The interiors are dominated by white walls, bamboo floors and pops of colour on furniture and structural elements

Builder: Duane Construction Limited
Engineer: Charlotte Murphy Engineers
Windows: Schueco by Solid Insulation
Stairs: Sweeney Joinery
Ironworks: Seamus Daly
PV Panels: KillTech Electrical
Heating & Plumbing: Nutherm
Kitchen: David Conway kitchens
Photography: Claire Sheehan Creative

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